What Training in EMDR Therapy Involves

National associations affiliated with the governing body, EMDR Europe, have adopted standards for training in EMDR Therapy. Our’s meets the requirements as follows:

A Certificate of Completion of Basic Training in EMDR Therapy is issued when 3 hours of additional supervision (group of individual) are completed by you. We can provide this or you can meet with another EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant locally to do this.

Part 1 prepares clinicians to deal with cases presenting with simple or single incident traumas, as well as clients with self-limiting belief systems. Following attendance at Part 2, where clinicians refresh the skills learned at Level 1 plus receive consultation on cases, they are permitted to progress to the Part 3 training. Experience has shown that participants find the interactive and dynamic nature of Part 2 vital in helping them consolidate their training and use of EMDR Therapy to date. At the Part 3 training, clinicians learn how to work with multiple traumas, or ‘complex’ trauma such as child sexual abuse. Skills in how to work with ‘special’ populations are also introduced.

Our trainings are accredited by EMDR Europe Association and the EMDR Institute based in the USA. All the trainers are members of the Institute’s faculty and have been approved as Trainers by the European governing body.

We run regular EMDR training in Manchester, Belfast and Dublin. If you are considering an in-house training for your staff we can deliver that too.

We also run masterclasses for experienced EMDR therapists. These differ in topic, duration and venue.

For specialist training in EMDR Therapy with children you can attend accredited training after you have done at least Part 1 of the basic training with us. These trainings are available from Dr Kamala Mueller – email  = kam.mue@gmail.com OR Mrs Joanne Morris-Smith – email = j.morris-smith@virgin.net