About EMDR

EMDR Therapy is an effective approach developed from 1987. It is designed to help survivors of a wide range of traumatic events of varying severity, who are suffering from the psychological impact of their experiences. During processing with EMDR Therapy, disturbing events, frozen in time, are processed by the brain to adaptive resolution. Our workshops and masterclasses over the years have been held in areas such as Manchester, Newcastle, Wolverhampton, Cambridge, Essex, London, Belfast & Dublin to name a few. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we moved to holding all of our trainings online.

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Dr. Michael Paterson
Dr Michael C Paterson OBE
EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer

What we offer

emdr-europe@2x We provide regular accredited EMDR training for mental health professionals in the UK and Ireland, currently online, but these were in Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Dublin and Belfast. Accreditation is from EMDR Europe Association, and also the EMDR Institute which has provided quality trainings worldwide from the early 1990s.

EMDR training equips mental health professionals to understand a client’s presenting problems as arising from adverse life experiences which are stored maladaptively as memory networks in the brain. By completing EMDR training, the professional can learn to identify which past memories can be targeted for reprocessing and help their client move these to adaptive memory storage. Ultimately, the client not only knows the event is in the past, it then also feels as if it is in the past.

emdr-institute@2x Our lead trainer, Dr Michael Paterson OBE is a member of faculty at the EMDR Institute which is truly international in its composition.


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